We went off up to Lincolnshire for the Bank Holiday weekend and I had a couple of images in mind that I wanted to try my hand at…

Lincolnshire Gothic

for some reason, Wood’s classic ‘American Gothic’ always made me think of the in-laws, so I thought I’d give it a go…

Firstly I wanted to try and re-create the American Gothic idea, something that has been done by a lot of people, however the original had always reminded me of my in-laws, both avid gardners living in the farming countryside of Lincolnshire – just a bit of fun but a nice┬áportrait never the less

life in Lincolnshire

giving the softbox a bit of a dry run with a quick portrait of Becky’s folks

kind of as a thank you for putting up with me posing them in the garden with a garden fork and an apron, I wanted to do a nice portrait of them at home, I think this shot really captures the atmosphere of their little cottage

Tilling the fields

Tractor tilling the fields in Folkingham, Lincolnshire with a flock of gulls following it around the field

The other shot I really wanted to try for was the tractor in the field – I had a field of corn in mind for the shot but I was informed by a local land owner that I had missed harvest by a couple of weeks, apparently a lot of harvests were very early this year, still I think that this tractor tilling the fields ready for sowing pretty much fulfils what I had in mind – the gulls, dust and ‘feel’ of the farm

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