We spent a few days in Lynmouth and used the time to walk all around the East Lyn River. It has some fantastic scenery and we saw as much of it as we could…

East Lyn River-8

we stayed at The Rock House Hotel (on the right of this pic) and the East Lyn River was right outside our window

East Lyn River-4

just around the bend was Lynmouth harbour, a very quiet place at this time of year

East Lyn River-7

This is actually the valley of the West Lyn River which joins the East Lyn at Lynmouth (that’s the buildings you can make out at the water’s edge, with Lynton above)

East Lyn River-1

A view across the valley

East Lyn River-5

The winding East Lyn River is down there somewhere, and so is Watersmeet

East Lyn River-2

A long exposure shot of rocks in The East Lyn near Watersmeet

East Lyn River-3

The river walk along The East Lyn is certainly worth doing even when it’s not raining

East Lyn River-6

…but gloomy rainy weather is still great for doing longer exposure shots (as long as it’s not too windy)

go visit North Devon, it’s full of these beautiful spots, this is just one of my faves!

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