January brought the long awaited trip to Brisbane, Australia

we went for a spin on The Brisbane Wheel…

Brisbane 2016-19

A view across South Bank from the Brisbane Wheel

Brisbane 2016-20

reflections of the wheel in some of the nearby buildings

and a trip up the River Brisbane

Brisbane 2016-21

A City-Cat on the Brisbane River

We spent a good amount of time seeing the city and travelling around the area, here are a few shots of Brisbane, a very beautiful and well looked after city…

Brisbane 2016-22

reflections of Brisbane CBD office blocks in office blocks

Brisbane 2016-23

Streets Beach, a swimming pool/beach complex built next to the Brisbane River (noone swims in the river as it is home to bull sharks and other assorted Australian friendlies)

Brisbane 2016-24

Goodwill Bridge by night

Brisbane 2016-26

The Brisbane Sign with a backdrop of CBD skyscrapers

Brisbane 2016-27

night view of Brisbane River paddle steamers with Story Bridge in the background

Brisbane 2016-66

sunset over the Brisbane River showing the Kurilpa footbridge in the foreground

Brisbane 2016-67

Sunset over the Brisbane River showing the William Jolly Bridge in the foreground and the Go Between Bridge behind

Brisbane 2016-68

late evening view of the Brisbane River with the Pacific Motorway, Victoria Bridge and Southbank

Brisbane 2016-PAN

A panoramic view of Brisbane’s CBD taken from Kangaroo Point

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