On our trips around Queensland we came across loads of beautiful wildlife, not only in captivity but in the wild too.

Brisbane 2016-6

fruit bat – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-7

golden orb weaving spider – these were everywhere and ranged from house spider sized right up to scary-big!

Brisbane 2016-8

eastern water dragon – again, these were everywhere

Brisbane 2016-9

We didn’t manage to find any wild koalas although we were often to be found sniffing around any scribbly gums or other eucalyptus we could find – this fella was in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Brisbane 2016-10

sleepy wombat – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-12

Tasmanian devil – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-13

croc – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-17

kangaroo at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, we saw quite a few of these in the wild, particularly further north

Brisbane 2016-14


Brisbane 2016-34

goanna – this one was just off the path on the way to a creek, he was about 3-4ft long

Brisbane 2016-36

praying mantis, this little beasty was on the wall outside of our room

Brisbane 2016-49

fruit bats over Hervey Bay – apparently they were on their daily commute to Fraser Island

Brisbane 2016-35

gecko, again, these chaps were everywhere – and really noisy

Brisbane 2016-52

tree snake – we found this one at the Wild Horse Mountain lookout, he was probably a couple of metres long and very fast

Brisbane 2016-56

bush turkey – anywhere you could scratch some dirt, you could find one of these

Brisbane 2016-58

another water dragon, I think this one was basking on a random rock at Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-60

ring-tailed lemur – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-63

Joey – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-61

blue parrot – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-62

red parrot – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-64

Cassowary – Australia Zoo

Brisbane 2016-82

Lorikeet, we saw loads of these colourful little chaps all over the place

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