sunrise over Cranbrook corn fields

I had really enjoyed our recent time in the west country and the amount of time that I had been allowed to focus on my photography so when the thought occurred to me that I might miss the crops growing in the local fields near our house, A plan to was conceived to get up and get my camera out in the field.

The weather was predicted to be clear and hot so I set off to see what was in the fields and was rather pleased to find that the corn was ripe and currently unharvested.

The next morning I was up at 4 am (that’s a good reason to dislike summer) and out in the field by 04:20, clicking away as the sun came up. The trees in the field are the ones that I consider my favourites in the local area but I wasn’t really able to isolate them in my composition whilst keeping the rising sun in the frame, but it was certainly a fun morning and I was quite pleased with the images.

I was back in bed and fast asleep by 6 am. Happy days!

sunrise over Cranbrook corn fields

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