We took a quick trip down to Dungeness as the sun was out and we needed some air. It seems there’s always something new to see as you wander around the ruins of old shacks and rotting hulls of long abandoned old boats and other assorted junk. Not necessarily a pretty place but certainly an interesting one that fires the imagination, no matter how many times you visit. Even things that you have seen before are a little more decayed and battered after a long winter.

Dungeness boat

Dungeness, the final resting place of an old fishing boat

Dungeness old chair

an old chair sitting in the middle of nowhere

Dungeness lichen and shell

weather beaten shell and a lichen covered piece of rock

Dungeness flakey paint

Dungeness isn’t just about the big pictures, little details can be interesting too

Dungeness camper van

Dungeness is a desert, sometimes it’s easy to forget that

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