We decided to go for a walk and try and get a few shots at Dungeness as I hadn’t been there and had heard nothing but good things about the many and varied photo opportunities that were offered by the UK’s only official desert.

On the way there we had to stop at the Tenterden level crossing so I grabbed the chance to snap the steam train as it passed us – the light was perfect – a nice spot of luck to start the day

steam train

A steam train at Tenderden rail-crossing

Of course as soon as we neared Dungeness, the clouds rolled in, only occasionally allowing a glimpse of the sun, but I love a pylon and a heavy sky often gives industrial subjects a moodier look.

Dungeness pylons

Dungeness pylons

The sun did eventually come out to play by which time we were six miles into a pretty tough walk (surprising really as there are no hills – just endless pebbles).

Dungeness blue sky

a bit of blue sky over the pebbles

…after we finished, we popped to┬áthe pub for a spot of refreshment before the journey home. After which we were greeted with some beautiful light from the setting sun, unfortunately my need for the sofa had, by this time, outweighed my desire to run around taking more shots – so it was a snap of the lighthouse and then home for dinner.

Dungeness lighthouse 5

The fifth Dungeness lighthouse (built 1961)

Dungeness proved to be a strange but beautiful place, I am sure it’s a birdwatcher’s idea of paradise. Next time we visit, we will venture on to the other half of Dungeness with its ramshackle huts and abandoned boat skeletons…

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