Over the weekend we went off to Ashford where Jam at The Farm was being held at Martin Sims Guitar Workshop – a whole afternoon of local bands playing in order to raise funds for the Nordoff Robbins charity. There were loads of other people taking pics – almost as many as there were musicians and a couple of people doing video. As I was guilty of creating the logo and banner I’ve stuck them on here – just for fun.

Jam at the Farm event crew

Jam at the Farm event crew apparently


Nice logo, didn’t expect to see it on a tee shirt though. Basically I wanted to put these images up here as an alternative to the standard band shots that I was also taking along with everyone else.

my business cards

Pipe making good use of the reverse of one of my business cards

Neil and Gareth

Neil was there taking videos and Gareth taking photos

a quick shot Neil recording Rosie's solo performance

a quick shot Neil (he of fame) recording Rosie’s solo performance



Blues in Britain featuring a nice little piccy by moi

Well it would appear that one of my shots got used in the magazine: Blues in Britain, so that’s quite cool, and cheers to Bad Pennies for putting it forward.

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