The foul grey skies continue, there’s no chance of me getting to the coast where the weather is at its most impressive and the local flooding just looks like large puddles. Life just plods on with no consideration for the wannabe photo blogger.
So, the poor old car went in to the menders to get the brake cable fixed, should be a quick in-and-out job (easy!) thought I. However, after getting to the garage in Tunbridge Wells before it even opened, apparently, they were unable to look at the poor old beast for an hour – of course it turns out that loads of stuff needs doing to the poor old thing, so I was stranded in High Brooms yet again on a cold, windy and yes, dull day – passing the time in Costa and McDonalds – oh the shame!, still, lucky I had my camera with me…

poor little Clio - legless and exposed!

poor little Clio – legless and exposed!

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