London sunset

We took a trip up to London, essentially to explore the views from Greenwich Park but while we were there we decided to have High Tea at the Palace (well next door) and then go and see the graffiti in the tunnels underneath Waterloo station, pretty cool stuff.

We arrived at the park and walked up toward the observatory where there were crowds of people, all taking in the rather splendid views and summer atmosphere. We wandered around and found a second great vantage point that had a lot fewer people, but equally great views. After lunch, we decided to go back up to the second viewpoint for sunset which didn’t disappoint – not epic but still very nice.

The park closed just after sunset, so after being herded out by Mr Park Ranger, we went down to the Thames for the last of the evenings light before heading home. There was, however, still time for one more quick snap at Canary Wharf.

Waterloo Graffiti
Canary Wharf station
Buckingham Palace
Waterloo Graffiti
London skyline
London skyline the last of the light

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