Today I found myself wandering around London with a half hour to spare and a bag full of camera, so I decided to combine the two and popped in to Borough Market near London Bridge, a great place to take pictures as was evident when you started to notice all of the other people waving cameras around – not an original idea methinks but a fun one never-the-less. I got some nice pics but think that I would love to pop in there on a busy Saturday morning with a lot more people and hustle and bustle… I’ll be back!


give us our daily bread… nope you have to pay for it

mushrooms at Borough Market

mushrooms, loads of mushrooms


some of your five-a-day

I then had a little time to spare as I headed home, after a fairly overcast day in London, the clouds had started to thin and as the sun was starting to set, the buildings started to shine.

underground shard

underground skyscraper

The sun started to set at Waterloo East

The sun started to set at Waterloo East


They say that when you see a nice sunset, you shouldn’t forget to look behind you… and there they were – all the weary commuters on their way home, enjoying the golden hour, just like me.

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