Scafel Pike and friends

As we drove into the Lake District, we could see that the taller fells and mountains still had a good bit of ice and snow on their upper slopes from the previous few days snowfall. The sun was shining and I was looking forward to grabbing a few shots.

When we got to Keswick, we decided to climb up Grisedale Pike which at 791m wasn’t the tallest around but still offered some challenging little scrambles, plenty of effort and a beautiful walk. The weather was kind, it was very windy and bitterly cold but the views were clear and breathtaking.

at the summit of Grisedale Pike - 791m
at the summit of Grisedale Pike - 791m

We also walked up the lower slopes of Great Gable and Red Pike (We did them both as we had a spot of bother finding the correct trail) to find Ritson’s Force, a nice little waterfall in the picturesque Mosedale valley at the head of Wast Water.

Ritson's Force
trees at the foot of Sca Fell
Mosedale Valley

As we were in the area (and couldn’t find it on our last trip), we decided to take a trip to Buttermere to photograph the lonely tree. We arrived to be greeted by a load of photographers, all with the same shot in mind. The weather wasn’t really playing ball on this particular day as it was a bit windy with overcast skies but I think that’s OK, as if conditions were perfect, I’m sure that the queue to take a picture would have been intolerable.
Unfortunately, we were a little tight on time so will have to revisit Buttermere at some future date as it is a very picturesque place and needs a bit more time spent on it.
I haven’t finished with the Lake District yet!

The Lone Tree at Buttermere

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