As part of my drive towards getting some better content for this site which is hopefully undergoing a rebuild in the near future, I was lucky enough to be able to spend an afternoon taking portraits of the lovely Francesca. We had fun trying out different outfits (not me, Francesca), locations and lighting options and I got lots of great shots for my portfolio.

one of my portraits of Francesca head shot


Portraits of Franvesca - a full length this time

yep, she’s done this before

Francesca on the patio

We tried to do a few shots outside in a more natural environment but the wind was surprisingly gusty which meant that the soft-box acted more like a sail than a light-modifier, so we had to abandon the idea after just a few shots.

mini chair

This mini-chair was so cool I just couldn’t resist using it for some pictures however space was quite tight so I couldn’t get the whole thing in.

red shoes, red hair and red lips - hot

red shoes, red hair and red lips – hot

zebra top head shot

I did this shot with a few different coloured backgrounds but in the end it was plain white that seemed the best


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