Cranbrook's Union Mill at sunset

The Union Mill in Cranbrook has been photographed by many many people but it is nearly alway photographed either from up-close or from Stone Street in town where you can get a nice dawn shot at certain times of the year.

While walking around I noticed that you could get plenty of glimpses of the windmill but not too many full length views apart from in a couple of select places.

For reasons that escape me, the windmill sometimes spends weeks facing ‘the wrong way’, ie away from town but just recently it had been facing town. I hoped that if the sun set, it might make some nice colours in the sky behind the windmill and so, after a few attempts – damn those low cloud banks – with no sunset colour, my patience was rewarded with a nice sunset and some great colour – I wasn’t disappointed.

It does, however, appear that the windmill could do witha wash!

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