a windy day in the dunes

Just over a month ago I began chatting to a local model about getting together to create some photographs. We set a date and decided that we’d head for Camber and try and get some sunset pictures. I had an image in mind too but knew that I’d need a bit of wind to make it happen. That was a month ago. Since then, we’ve had a heatwave in the southeast but in the last few days, we’ve also had a lot of rain and cloud.

The day finally arrived and it was raining all morning but the forecast said it would brighten-up so we went for it and headed for the beach. As we got there, the sun was just heading for a bank of clouds but it was still giving some great light and, as luck would have it, the wind was blowing quite nicely too, so I was able to get the shot that I was after with my five-metre length of chiffon blowing nicely in the wind. We then took a few product style shots for Charlotte’s friend while the sun gave a little colour to the sky.

The sun was just heading into its cloud bank and I had a few moments to shoot against something like a sunset but as I set up the shot, my flash stopped working. After double-checking all of my batteries and settings and a moment or two of panic, we discovered that the bulb had fallen out and was in the bottom of the softbox – who’d’ve thought! That’s never happened before!!

I finally got around to setting up for the fourth outfit, when the sun decided to put on a final treat for us and give some great colour, right behind Charlotte.

I had a fun evening spent battling the light, wind and sand and think we got some nice results. The weather was incredibly kind too.

sunset at Camber
beartooth clothing

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