So this time it’s the turn of Mr Martin Mickels to be the subject of my camera lens. Again, another easy subject for me to take shots of due to his strong sense of style coupled with the fact that he’s done this all before. We tried a few different locations around his hometown of Oxted including the subway to the local car park and the music school (idol hands) where he teaches guitar.

Martin Mickels on the back steps

back steps

This shot was one of the first of the day, we just set a light up on a very tall stand and then placed another behind him just to give a little rim light and help separate him from the background

Martin Mickels the best of British

best of British

Martin Mickels down in the subway

down in the subway

The next shot was taken in Martin’s front room, which had a nice empty wall to use however I decided to macgyver a gobo with some paper and tape in order to add a little more interest. I think it worked well and is something that I will certainly try again in the future.


shine a little light on Mr Mickels

You can check out the world of Mr Mickels on his website where you’ll find info about his gigs with Moonshine & Molly, Randy & The Rockets and lots more.

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