sunset and snow at St Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook

The weathermen had been predicting snow and it finally happened, a good few inches fell overnight and everywhere was covered in a blanket of pure white snow. It was time to wrap up warm and head out and find a pic or two. I thought it might be nice to get a shot of our local church in the snow so we headed off into town.

The sky was grey and flat and it was still snowing but I wanted to get at least a few shots in camera before everything melted or was trodden to a pulp by the children that were busy enjoying the weather as the local schools had given them the day off. I returned home, content that I had a couple of nice snow images but then the snow stopped and the clouds went their own way, revealing beautiful blue skies, so I wrapped up nice and warm again and headed out once more to capture the church, but this time with blue skies above and snow underfoot.

I’ve taken a fair few images of St Dunstan’s over the years and I had in fact taken some quite recently on a particularly sunny morning which I’ve shown below, just to complete this set of three images – what a difference a sky can make to a photograph!

St Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook in the sun
St Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook in the snow
St Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook in the snow with a beautiful blue sky

I returned home once again, however, this time I was much happier with the images I had captured. The blue skies really showed off the building and the snow. But the weather wasn’t finished with me yet! I realised that the chances of a sunset were getting better – there were a few clouds and the sky was still blue and I knew that at this time of year, the sun sets right behind the church.

So, just before sunset, I headed off to the church for the third time of the day and set my camera up to capture the sunset. I was quite pleased with the results.

sunset over St Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook in the snow
sunset over St Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook in the snow

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