sunset at Newhaven Pier

I’ve recently seen a few nice pics of the pier at Newhaven being battered by massive waves, so thought it would be an idea to pop over the boarder into deepest darkest East Sussex and see where the best views might be.

There’s not really a lot at Newhaven, well there’s an interesting little abandoned village but it’s a little too far gone to be a photographic paradise but the beach and piers are nice to wander along.

While we were there, the sun decided to set and give a pleasant splash of colour to things, so I felt obliged to snap a few shots.

I’ve had a good look around and decided where to try to take pictures from and what lenses I’ll probably need, so next time there’s a big storm coming in, I know where I am going to try and be!

sunset at Newhaven Pier
cliffst at Newhaven

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