I found myself alone with some spare time and my Camera in west London on a cold but clear January evening and knew that I had a couple of shots I had wanted to try my hand at – so I headed off toward Albert Bridge with my fingers crossed for some kind of sunset.

I arrived at the bridge and began by exploring both sides and attempting to work out my preferred angles. The bridge didn’t look too inspiring but as the sun began to set and the sky began to get some colour, someone turned on the lights. Everything slotted into place and I was even able to turn west and capture a nice little ‘extra’ shot along the Thames.

Happy with my time at Albert bridge, I headed off towards Battersea to see if I could find a pleasant shot. By the time I arrived at Ebury bridge for my view of the power station, it was dark but I took a selection of long exposure shots to capture the light trails of the passing trails and had a chat to the other guys on the bridge who were there more as trainspotters than just picture makers.

I headed off home happy that I had bagged a couple of nice shots and ready for a cup of tea!

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