sunset at Bedruthen Steps

The previous day, we had set off to Bedruthen Steps (Carnewas) as the sun began to set and spent the evening taking photographs. The light had been beautiful right up until the sun got close to the horizon where it was obscured by a distant bank of cloud, ruining any chance of a sunset.

Today, however, we had set off once again to Bedruthen Steps but this time there were no clouds on the horizon and the beautiful light became a nice little sunset, with nice colours right through blue hour. The evening was made even more pleasant by meeting a few other photographers who were also out to capture the sunset colours. It has been fun seeing their results in Instagram.

As much as I had enjoyed the previous night’s photography, the images captured with great light have made me consider the previous night’s efforts as just a practice run. What a difference a day makes!

sunset at Bedruthen Steps

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