Blackchurch Rock

We set off in the rain toward Hartland Point in North Devon, our first port of call was to visit Blackchurch Rock. The walk down to the beach was very wet but due to all of the warm weather we were plagued by insecty things all the way to the beach but they were quickly forgotten once we arrived. It was nearly low tide so the rocks were exposed. I took a few shots and of course the obligatory selfie.

We returned to the car and set off for Hartland point where we first visited the viewpoint for the lighthouse which in my opinion is a little garish with its colourful harlequin paintwork in the windows. But it’s still in a beautiful situation so a perfect candidate for a couple of shots.

We then set off to Hartland point where I scrambled down onto the beach and set off across the boulder field towards the angled rocks at the tip of the headland. It took about 40 minutes to cross to a decent vantage point where I set up my camera on a sloping rock and took a few shots. I was right next to the water and at this point realised that the tide was on its way in so I packed up and returned up the beach once again before getting cut off.

We had hoped to continue on and visit Hartland Quay bit ran out of time so that shot will have to wait for another day.

Hartland Point, Devon
selfie at Blackchurch Rock
Hartland Point lighthouse

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