We travelled back south on another overnight coach and then got on a plane to the island of Bohol around 600 miles to the south of Manila.

Bohol was much more touristy than the areas of Luzon that we had visited and once again, we travelled almost exclusively in taxis and on trikes. On one morning, we set off at 3am to reach the chocolate hills by dawn which was an hour and a half north of where we were staying down south. Our trike driver was late so we missed most of the colour that the dawn had offered, only catching the last few hints of pink after running up the 214 steps to the viewpoint in Carmen! – he didn’t get a tip!!

One of the highlights of our time on Bohol was watching a beautiful sunset at Alona Beach, one of the most famous tourist spots in Bohol – on the island of Panglao off the south western tip of Bohol – with its white sandy beaches and palm trees overhanging the clear blue waters, it really was quite idyllic.

I’ve also included a shot from the insta-friendly Manmade Mahogany Forest which we passed through on the way to and from the Chocolate Hills.

After a few days staying on Bohol and then Panglao, we took a dawn ferry to Cebu

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