We arrived at Cebu, an island to the west of Bohol, by ferry from Panglao, at a small harbour in Oslob. We used pretty much every mode of transport we could find on Cebu:coaches, taxis, Jeepneys and trikes (on one occasion, as part of a party of seven passengers plus the driver!) and explored some waterfalls and small towns around the south of the island. We also took a taxi to the summit of the tallest mountain on the island, Osmeña Peak to watch the sunset. We weren’t alone as it’s quite a touristy thing to do, but the views were nice and worth the insane taxi ride down the mountain that we had to endure afterwards.

The other highlight of our trip had to be the snorkelling and getting to see whale sharks up close, even if they were only ‘small’ 7m long juveniles!

The Philippines is a beautiful place with some great photogenic locations. There is a lot of litter and poverty but the people we met were all friendly and most of them spoke enough English to have a simple conversation – often about my camera!

A great place to visit

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