Reculver Towers at Sunset

We set off once again to explore some more of the north Kent coast. This time we decided to try a walk along the beach from Reculver to Minnis Bay (and back). What I had imagined was going to be a fairly uninspiring trundle turned out to be a pretty fine location that we’ll definitely be revisiting at some point. Plenty of parking and a nice cafe selling really good coffee and of course the towers.  We arrived minutes too late to catch the sun on the eastern side of the towers (in fact we were on time but decided to stuff our faces with crepes and coffee before setting off!) so that is a photograph for another day but the large clouds made an impressive backdrop so I was quite happy.

As we walked along the beach accompanied by a bitterly cold breeze, we saw plenty of different birds, if you are into that sort of thing, and great views across the fields and the sea. Lots of different groyns, posts and sea-defences and of course, views of the towers.

On our way back the large black clouds kept threatening rain and, perhaps more importantly, threatened to obliterate any chance of a sunset. Luck was however on our side as the sun just managed to peep underneath the clouds at the last minute, offering a much-needed dash of colour to the afternoon’s proceedings. Once I had had my fun on the beach taking pictures of the towers against a sunset sky, I packed up my equipment and headed back to the car at which point the heavens finally opened and we were treated to a rather heavy hail storm, just to prevent us returning to the car in the dry.

Reculver Towers black and white
sea groins long exposure
Stormy sunset skies over Reculver Towers

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