dartford crossing in the blue hour

As a clearly romantic gesture on my part, I decided to treat my wife to an afternoon spent wandering up and down what was basically a desolate piece of wasteland on the banks of the river Thames, underneath the eerie silence of Queen Elizabeth II Dartford river crossing. We walked along the Thames Path taking shots as the sun shone down and as the tide went out, we were able to step down on to the shingle beaches that were found on some stretches.

After a little experimentation, I found that I preferred the view from the east of the crossing, looking toward the bridge, the setting sun at least offered a little variation to an impressive but not exactly feature rich view.

The sun went down and the lights came on, and as the view changed the temperature dropped, so I grabbed a few last frames and we headed off home after a pleasant day of taking pictures and walking next to the river.

As I was taking some of the long exposure images I noticed that there appeared to be a pink hue to some of the images. It wasn’t until I got back and inspected the images properly that I realised I hadn’t covered my eyepiece and the pink hue was down to some pretty nasty light leakage. I won’t let that happen again!

dartford crossing long exposure
dartford crossing during sunset

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