I had been in London on business and the weather was great, so I decided that I’d stay on for a couple of hours to catch the light at the end of the day.

I’d already taken some shots in Canary Wharf which had been pretty quiet whilst I was there so a shot of the underground’s escalators was easier than usual. I then headed along the riverside to see what I could find. The light was shifting between nice and epic so I was spoilt for choice. With it being low tide, I was able to get some nice shots on the shoreline of the Thames and when I turned around, the sun was lighting up the scene in all kinds of epic.

I decided to head for St Pauls and the Millennium Bridge for sunset where I tried a few different compositions before finally settling on the one below. The setting sun made some subtle but pleasing colours in the sky and on the buildings. The real tricky part of the shoot was that the bridge bounced quite dramatically every time someone walked past my tripod so getting a sharp shot took a few attempts.

The sun had pretty much set and as I made my way back to the train station, I managed to shoot the Shard glowing in the last of the sun’s light, against a heavy red and purple cloud bank.

All in all, a pretty splendid way to spend an evening!

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