The Galactic Centre was visible above the horizon in these parts and the night sky was predicted to be clear so I decided to try my hand at some milky way photography down at Bodiam Castle.

The moon was yet to rise and the walk up to the castle seemed incredibly dark but as my eyes slowly became accustomed to the low light levels, I set up on the banks of the moat and started trying out compositions. I wasn’t alone in the castle grounds and the group of teenagers were having a great time running around with a torch which did affect a couple of my shots but they didn’t really come near the strange bloke taking pictures in the dark.

As the evening progressed, the angle of the milky way changed and so did my compositions. In the end, I was happy that I had some OK shots and went off home to bed before the moon came up. There was already enough light pollution from the nearby village but I was definitely happy with my first proper attempt at milky way photography.

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