The weather looked promising so we headed off down to Hastings for a walk and decided on a whim to visit the castle. I’d never been into the castle before, I’d been up to where it sits many times in the past but never bothered to give it a try. I’d always assumed, quite wrongly as it turns out, that there was very little to see pithing the ruined walls that surrounded it.

Hastings castle as it turns out was quite fun to explore. Not a massive castle by any means but it has dungeons and a few bits of buildings and walls to explore but it also has some cracking views across Hastings. I also took a quick peek from the air (from outside the castle grounds of course) as I had my drone with me and trapped a couple of nice angles from up there.

We dropped down into the town and as the day drew to its end, a large bank of cloud began to cover the setting sun, scuppering any potential for a colourful sunset but it did allow for some nice reflections in the wet sands around the pier.

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