I am hopeful that I have just added the last piece of kit (for now at any rate) that I need to get out and sell commercial portrait photography to whoever may need it – efficiently and effectively.

Now, rather than spending time setting up large white backgrounds and lots of lights to get a fairly good white background, I can just pop up my hilite, add a couple of lights and be ready to go in a matter of five minutes – and the results are pretty much perfect straight out of the camera – no need for background retouches!

For these sample pictures, I have set up the background in a tiny space – no more than 8ft square and with the help of a couple of ‘willing’ participants was able to have great, web-ready images ready to go in a couple of minutes.

if you need any images for your website or publication, get in touch and find out how easy it can be. I can come to your office with a minimal simple set up and you’ll have great, ready to use images sooner than you think!

Don’t think for a second that your images have to have a white background, If you need environmental or in-situ images, that is of course always an option and very popular – I’m all about options!

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