Toploader in the rain at Hops and Harvest 2017

Becky acquired some tickets, so we headed off to the Hops and Harvest Boutique Festival in Maidstone to see what was on offer. The answer it appears is quite a lot…

There were essentially four stages, a main stage where you could find the likes on Newton Faulkner and Toploader, a ‘Big Top’ tent stage where you could see local and festival circuit bands (and shelter from the weather) and also a ‘Secret Garden’ with acoustic acts, and then a ‘VIP’ village hall with DJs and a cabaret.

Everything about the festival deserved to be full to its 15,000 person capacity, however due to what appeared to be a lack of any worthwhile marketing (I’m sure that a few of the people actually in attendance didn’t even know it was going on) and some pretty dodgy weather – it was cold and raining for most of the day – there was hardly anybody there!

This lack of crowd did however mean that queues were a thing only to be fantasised about, the loos were clean and had paper and the view of the stage while sitting on a hay bale was great.

As it was a festival, I had come out armed only with my little bridge camera but was able to get some nice shots even though it was a particularly flat and gloomy day (as long as I dodged the rain showers)

Although it felt like the bands were playing a private event just for the exclusive few (hundred) that were actually in attendance, I hope that the festival continues next year and is attended by thousands rather than hundreds – it certainly deserves it!

Being at Kent Life, you could also visit all of the exhibits and attractions usually on offer including animals: goats, pigs, owls, guinea pigs, alpacas and meerkats, who had a very cute litter of two pups.

meerkat pups at Kent Life
The Wholls at Hops and Harvest 2017
Toploader at Hops and Harvest 2017
Hannah Williams and the Affirmations at Hops and Harvest 2017
Newton Faulkner at Hops and Harvest 2017
Toploader's Dan Hipgrave at Hops and Harvest 2017
Newton Faulkner at Hops and Harvest 2017

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