We headed ‘up North’ for a few days, to experience York, the Dales and the Moors. Little did we know quite how much we would experience our rain coats as part of that deal!

York has quite a bit to offer the tourist armed with a camera: York Minster (apparently not a Cathedral) along with lots of other ‘lesser’ churches, bits of Castle (Clifford’s Castle) and of course The Wall, The Rivers Ouse and Foss, lots of great food & drink and then, for the Muggles, there is The Shambles – a street inspired by the Harry Potter movies. I know some people have that fact twisted around but the amount of Harry Potter merch available, made it clear which way things actually were! You even had to queue to get into a Harry Potter Shop – not a museum, just a shop, selling Harry Potter stuff – unbelievable!!

The old architecture and the foul weather leant itself to a fair bit of black and white photography and the never ending flocks of tourists (of course, I was one of those) was quite impressive, so people milling around busy streets was also a standard subject.

York was certainly a nice place to while away a few days – sample a very fine yorkshire pudding wrap – and stretch your legs. I can only imagine that when the sun comes out, the City is rather glorious.

tower door
classic motorcycles
York Minster
York Alley
on the River Foss
on the River Foss
bridge over The River Ouse
The Wall

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