it's a bird on a log

A few weeks ago on a cold overcast day, we were walking through a park when a local chap pointed out a kingfisher sitting in the bushes on the far side of the lake. I only had a 70mm lens with me, as I wasn’t expecting to go wildlife shooting, so unfortunately, I had no chance of capturing anything but a few blue pixels.

The weather for this weekend looked nice so we set off once again, this time, however, I was packing my Sigma 150-600mm lens and hopeful that, if he made himself visible, this time I would get some images of a kingfisher. That was, unfortunately, the problem. We wandered the shores of the park lake, and maybe because of the shrieks of young children enjoying a sunny half-term day in the park, maybe because of the large numbers of loud and over-active duck type things on the water, or maybe just because he didn’t feel like it, the kingfisher didn’t make himself available for modelling duties.

It was still a lovely afternoon and I kept myself amused shooting images of random birds and even a rat that was scampering along the shoreline. We then headed off to the cafe for a sausage bap and promised to return again – with better luck next time.

robin in a tree
coming in for a splash landing
gull on the wing
a couple of picturesque ducks

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