The weather was beautiful in-land but a persistent sea mist cloaked the coastal areas, so as we set off for a coastal walk around Levant and Botallack, I was a little concerned that nice images might not come my way. However as we neared each view it seemed that the mist would lift just enough to allow the sun to shine through and keep me happy. We had set off west from Levant on the lower cliff path, a route we had happily taken some ten years ago with a then very young daughter in tow, only to find that my older (and wiser) head was now dictating safety over adventure, so we retraced our steps, rather than plunging to our doom, and continued on the higher and considerably safer, geriatric approved, path. The views were still great but the adrenalin levels were a little lower!

The adrenalin was still however very much in evidence as I carefully made my way down the treacherous path which descends behind the engine houses at Botallack. As I passed under a cliff overhang, a muddy eroded path at my feet and a shear drop to the waves crashing on the rocks below me, there was a sudden clacking of falling stones above me and a selection of pebbles and some fist sized boulders (yes, lets say boulders) fell around me. The afore mentioned adrenalin kicked in and with one hand holding my raincoat above my head for protection and the other gripping my camera, I somehow made it back up to the safety of the main path in a few seconds, when it had taken a few minutes to descend.

Once I was back to safety and stood panting, looking back at the scene I had just escaped, I could see that there was a mob of disgruntled looking crows jumping around the rocks above where I had been – I guess I had ventured a little too close to their nests for comfort but I survived to tell the tale and to bring you all a few more pics.


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