Well, I said I’d be back, and this weekend the weather conditions looked favourable, so we set off for a sunny but chilly Brighton, arriving a couple of hours before sunset – not a starling in sight!
We toyed with the idea of heading for the Palace Pier but in the end decided to stick with the old West Pier and I think that payed off. The sun set just behind the pier and triggered a beautiful display of colour and then the starlings started to arrive.
For about a half hour they circled the old pier in pretty large numbers until eventually settling down for the night, then it was a quick walk to the other side of the Palace Pier to try and get the last of the sun’s colour against the pier support.
All in all, a really nice evening of photography opportunities.

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  1. Irene Rebbeck

    Once again you’ve hit the target Fraser, patience paid off, Brilliant! Well done,x

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