After my reconnaissance trip back in December to check out Newhaven, the weatherman said that the waves were to be quite high – so it was time to set off and see what was on offer

I arrived in the carpark at Newhaven and it became obvious that I wasn’t going to be alone on the beach today. there must have been 20 photographers lined up along the beach so I took my 600mm Sigma to the end of the line and set up my tripod and start watching the action.

At high tide, the waves were crashing impressively against the harbour wall and catching the afternoon light beautifully. I grabbed a few shots and then decided to try a higher vantage point.

We headed up the cliffs to Newhaven Fort where I was able to get a nice shot of the whole harbour wall below me. The waves were still pounding the shoreline and I spent a happy half hour clicking away ignoring the wind until my cold fingers (and cold wife) informed me that it was time to set off home.

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