My daughter graduated from her Master’s Degree at The University of York, so I took it upon myself to capture some nice images of the day, knowing that I would potentially have an image of this day on my living room wall for ever more!.

As well as my usual camera and trio of lenses, I took along my Hybrid 360 with a 2ft softbox and triggers which my wife was looking forward to wrangling (honestly!). We explored some different locations around the campus and eventually settled on this shot in front of the rather beautiful Heslington Hall. I needed to make my daughter pop from the background so lit here quite brightly and used a lowish depth of field to slightly blur the background, I think the shot came out nicely and it’s now hanging in the living room! (and is much nicer than the ‘professional’ graduation shot that we paid for)

After the event, I was able to capture a nice group shot with everyone raising their hats (they didn’t throw them as they are expensive things to hire!) and there was still time in the evening to get a couple of environmental shots including this nice reflection shot of the Central Hall.

All in all a fun day and I came home with a few nice pics to cap it off with.

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