We were staying up in the northern wastelands, otherwise known as Lincolnshire and decide to have a little drive around Boston where I took some shots of the Maud Foster Windmill, A seven-floor mill on the bank of the Maud Foster Drain. It’s pretty cool looking 5 sail mill but needed better light than I had on offer that day.

In the evening I wolfed down my dinner and headed out to Rutland Water in the hope of catching some evening colour at Normanton Church. I was a little late leaving Stamford and had to drive through a couple of torrential showers and my hopes were fading as I parked the car and jogged down to the reservoir.

As I set up my camera, the sun dropped below a cloud and lit up the scene rather nicely, and then continued to do so until well into the blue hour. I headed back to Stamford with a pretty big smile-on!

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