This year we decided to extend our exploration of the UK a little further north and found ourselves on the East Coast of Northumberland.

Northumberland seems to be a land of castles, We visited Banburgh castle a few times as it was close to where we were staying (in Seahouses). Banburgh is a very large well-maintained castle found right on the beach and I never quite managed to get exactly the right light but I got very close on our last visit when we witnessed lovely sunset from the beach.

Dunstanburgh Castle is located to the south of Seahouses and is another large castle but is in a state of ruin. It does, however, still dominate the local area and I loved the view from the north with the large black boulders making a great foreground.

Lindisfarne Castle is located on Holy Island and is only a small castle situated on a hill but it certainly looked great and I took quite a few shots over our day-long visit. We had to be there for a full day as the causeway becomes cut off by the tide and is impassable for about 10 hours. The causeway itself makes a great subject as the posts indicating the submerged Pilgrim’s Way look great against a setting sun.

Of course, we also made the boat trip across to the Farne Islands with my 600mm lens to shoot some images of the puffins.

On the way back home we also stopped off to grab a shot of the Angel of The North which was considerably larger than I had imagined with a 54m wingspan.

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