We headed off to Reculver in search of sunset colour and a drainage outlet.

I parked up at Reculver Towers in North Kent and as the tide was low enough, headed for the spot that I now know held the previously elusive drainage outlet so that I could bag the classic Reculver shot. Once that was done we wandered along the coast for a while as the sun made its way to the horizon. As the sun began to set, it cleared a small group of clouds and put on a rather splendidly colourful display, meaning that I spent the next half an hour running around the beach looking for reflections and nice composition to make the most of the crazy epic sky that was developing above me.

The colours continued to get more intense until darkness eventually fell and I managed to tear myself away from the beach and walked past the revellers that were singing and playing drums (and I’m sure something else!) amongst the ruins of the old monastic church and back to the car with a memory card full of promise – happy days!

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