Dawn at Corfe Castle

The weather report for sunrise said foggy but clearing up later in the day, which was frankly like a red rag to a bull – I was getting up early again!

I found my way to Corfe Castle after some particularly unhelpful misdirection from my sat-nav. It was pitch black outside and very foggy. However, as I pulled into the car park at the castle, it became evident that I wasn’t alone in my decision to visit on a foggy morning. There must have been at least twenty cars all seemingly erupting with tripods and camera bags. I had no idea where to head for – and couldn’t see either – but luckily there were a couple of helpful chaps ready to direct me along the correct path to climb the hill to the west of the castle. I turned on my head-torch and headed off up the hill.

As I climbed above the low lying mist the rising sun began to light up the morning and before long, I was one of many happy snappers all finding compositions and enjoying the sunrise.

As the sun broke above the horizon, I took up my new drone for its most challenging flight so far (I’d only had it a week and not flown it more than a couple of hundred metres) and was soon thrilled to find the compositional options that a flying camera can offer up.

Once the morning light had passed into daytime, I headed back home only to return later in the day to properly visit the castle in the light and even climb a little way up the eastern hill to grab another pleasant image of the Castle.

Dawn at Corfe Castle

Hopefully, one day, I’ll come back and shoot  a sunset here, you never know.

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